North Attleborough, MA

Thirty-five years of experience teaching, performing and recording folk, rock, blues and country music.
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The news page is a posting of significant events and renovations in my music lessons, performance and multimedia. But, it sometimes may even have me on a soapbox grandstanding some dogmatic credos. The most current events are added to the top so simply scroll down to go further in to past years.


September brought a whole new surge in the creative global flow. I checked in to Adobe software to see what I only wished I could afford and I found I could rent-to-own any and all of their current software that my operating system could handle. I do wish I had a 64 bit CPU so I could accommodate the newest version of After Effects. Still, I'm delighted to be able to load Creative Cloud version of Dreamweaver which has streamlined the connection between HTML5 and CSS. I learned to hand code style sheets and learned what HTML5 which now enables web designers to easily display videos from there own server without Youtube or Vimeo which display logos and extraneous artifacts. Creative Cloud is the most advanced set of software so far. It's gotten to the point where there few things imagined that can't manifest via the Adobe software. I don't know if Adobe has made all of there software affordable due to the economy or if they simply decided the monthly membership may even produce more profit. I sense the company researched just what it's patrons desired in software and went with it. For example the interfaces are a lot easier on the eyes and the communication between linked software is as fast as ever.



Something that stands out for me and the family this year is the Grammy's Special Achievement Award the Kingston Trio received in February 2011. My wife Karen and I joined my mother, Gretchen in Los Angeles and attended the Special Merrit Awards Ceremony at the Willshire Ebell Theater on February 11 and then the telecast at the Staples Center the following day.







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