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Tom Guard was born April 20, 1960 in Redwood City California. His father, David was working hard to maintain a profoundly successful run with The Kingston Trio, a band that was discovered playing in a small beer joint in Redwood City, California just three years before. His mother, Gretchen had taken a break in 1958 from pursuing a degree in fine art at Stanford to raise his his sister, Catherine. Not long after the family's move to Sydney Australia in 1962 his sister, Sally was born Tom and soon the three kids attended school, donned thick Australian accents and enjoyed the rise of The Beatles and all of the various cultural manifestations from the era. His father hosted a music variety show called, Dave's Place in 1965 and wrote a book, Colour Guitar. The Guards returned to the U.S. in late 1967 and his father promoted his book with guitar lessons in the San Francisco bay area and his mother resumed her degree at Stanford.

Throughout his school years interest in film, graphic arts and music grew so he attended the San Francisco Art Institute and received a B.F.A. in film in 1983. He started a silk-screen printing business and created original and commissioned designs. Tom worked as a street artist on Telegraph Avenue near U.C. Berkeley, married and had two kids in the early nineties. His family moved to Santa Cruz, CA where his wife attended the University of California. He enrolled at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California to learn about computer and digital arts. In 2000 he received a Multimedia Certificate, started this website and began web designing and performing as a freelance musician.

Tom moved North Attleboro, Massachusettes in 2001 to co-parent his two kids after a divorce. Apart from teaching, performing, writing and recording music he works as a freelance videographer and designs web pages. He is re-married and has a stepson. His cellar is currently being converted to an art studio where he plans more screen-printing, oil painting and video production. His 112 year old Victorian has provided him with an ongoing lesson in fixer upping and landscaping but he enjoys its charm, spirit and ongoing need for care and attention.

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