North Attleborough, MA

Thirty-five years of experience teaching, performing and recording folk, rock, blues and country music.
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Tom Guard was born April 20, 1960 in Redwood City California. He and his family lived for five and a half years in Sydney Australia then returned to the San Francisco area in late 1967. Throughout the years his interest in film, graphic art and music grew so after high school he attended the San Francisco Art Intstitute. He received a B.F.A. in film in 1983.

He then started a silk-screen printing business of his own called Harpo Zygote Productions and created mostly original designs. After fifteen years of doing commission work and being a street artist near U.C. Berkeley he decided to enter the growing world of digital graphics. He enrolled at Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. and received Multimedia Certificate in the year 2000.

Tom has lived in North Attleboro, Massachusettes since 2001. Apart from teaching, performing, writing and recording music he makes films and designs web pages. His cellar is currently experiencing an overhaul in order for Tom to resume with his passion for silk-screen-printing on both paper stock and textiles. He is co-parenting three kids who are in college. He and his wife, Karen live in a Victorian on a half acre filled with beautiful trees.

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