North Attleborough, MA

Thirty-five years of experience teaching, performing and recording folk, rock, blues and country music.
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Guitar, Banjo, Voice, Bass, and Harmonica Lessons

Welcome to my website. I teach private music lessons in my home studio just west of I-95 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Lessons are available between 9.AM. and 8P.M. every day of the week. All ages from six up are accepted but, like students of any age, some self willingness, motivation and interest is expected. The cost for a half hour lesson is $25.

Animation, Video and Web Design

I began creating animations at a young age. Whether it was pixelating cutouts, clay sculptures, or everyday objects I've done it. The current 2D and 3D software has made it a lot easier to meet the demands the web and video have spurned for interactive, aesthetic and funny animations. Please take a minute or two and view my animation reel. It contains all my work since 2000 when I began to try my hand at 3D with programs like Bryce and Maya. It also includes 2D animations created in Flash that were used for short cooperate logo splashes and the health education video, Ah Choo, Stop the Flu that is displayed beneath my animation reel.

Video is a large part of what I do as well. In 2009 a New Hampshire Hospital backed children's performer Brownie Macintosh bid for a flu prevention DVD project titled, Ah Choo, Stop the Flu. I came on board as cameraman/editor/director and soon volunteered to be a host and create both character and bouncing ball over lyrics animations. Soon I learned everything that has to do with bringing a DVD to completion. We hired the current day Kingston Trio, actors, sound engineers and camera operators. In 2009, after a very busy couple of years, we had it done. In 2010 TMW, A distributer of educational DVDs, picked it up and thousands of copies of the educational DVD are now being seen by young people all over the world. Since then PBS affiliates in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island have broadcast it after advising with me on preparing it for broadcast standards and thankfully all those things are possible using the current Adobe software. Have a look at the trailer below.

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