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Guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass and voice lessons. My studio is just west of I-95 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Lessons are available between 9.AM. and 8P.M. every day of the week. All ages from six up are accepted but, like students of any age, some self willingness, motivation and interest is expected. The cost for a half hour lesson is $25 and an hour for $40.


I perform live in various capacities. In my area I play solo acoustic sets at restaurant/bars, farmer's markets, benefits and private parties. I play guitar and harmonica and have an acoustic set of folk songs and rock standards from the 1950s to the present.

performing at a benefit for the Rhode Island
Center Against Domestic Violence in 2011

I've also been performing with Josh Reynolds who is the son of Nick Reynolds, my father's partner from The Kingston Trio. Our gigs have been primarily on the west coast and we'll be expanding our tours to include the entire world soon. We play mostly the Trio's music but sometimes stray and play tunes from that genre. Josh plays tenor guitar, congas, bongos and sings. I play banjo, acoustic guitar, harmonica and sing. It really makes our audience hear our fathers in us and they all sing along before the show is finished. more


Video production

I call it film because I earned a B.F.A in film from The San Francisco Art Institute in 1983. Video has since become the standard but I still, like many, refer to it as film. I teach and perform music for the most part and create films on a freelance basis. I've documented the building of a cliffside home in the Santa Cruz mountains, produced an educational film for young people called, Ah Choo, Stop the Flu and a song video about bullying called, Big Bad Bully. more

The Kingston Trio

Dave Guard, Bob Shane, C.F. Martin III,
Dave "Buckwheat" Wheat and Nick Reynolds
at the Martin Guitar Factory in 1959

Just in case you were still wondering, I am in fact the son of The Kingston Trio's Dave Guard. I was born at the peak of his landmark career in 1960. Dad left the band in 1961 and went on to do several interesting projects as a session player and writer of legends for young older children as well as adults. more


Web Design

The first on my list of additional skills is web page design. I picked it up in the late nineties as I was earning a multimedia degree and simply learning the basics of computers as the era was quickly taking hold. The page you are reading is my latest and it is one of my best yet. I've had a few versions of through the years and discovered light hues and graphics to be the most aesthetic. The most important lesson from studies in graphics printed or otherwise is "hierarchy of information." In looking at a page I ask, "What is the main topics and what are the relative pieces of information that should follow?" In working with you on your page I would ask for these things.

Poster Art

After graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute I went on to a career in screen-printing both textiles and posters. I've since moved on to teaching music and producing videos but I'm resuming with printing as a hobby. I'm building a studio in my cellar in order to print concert posters and paint canvases in both oils and acrylics. more


I photograph almost everywhere I go. I started in high school with processing my own black and white film and moved on to digital. The current perk has been having one of the best quality/high resolution cameras I have ever owned right in my iPhone. That has me shooting more images than ever. more

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